For William….

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This is our story, Our story about how the events of the 22nd April 2010 would shape the rest of our lives together.

From that day forward we would dive deep into the unknown world, the world of Disability and a harsh realisation that the things in life that you thought actually mattered, materialistic things actually didn’t matter at all.

I started to put this website together in May 2011 when we were a year into our new life, I have so much respect for the people in our new life and in particular Julie and my eldest son Alfie but more so William, everyone who meets William always uses the same word and that word is DETERMINATION.

Now in October 2012 we are 2 and a half years into our Journey and William continues to go from strength to Strength, We are about to also embark on our biggest ever fundraising efforts which will be spread over the next 9 months until our friend Ronnie and the Staff at Outklass Fitness undertake a challange of a lifetime all to raise funds for William which will hopefully one day see him walk – Please check out the fundraising section of the website for further information and also follow Ronnie’s quest on his own personal blog which is

If you would like to help us on our mission to rasie these vital funds please donate using the button below or contact me using the contact page on this website.

I hope you find this site useful, it will be updated on a regular basis and there are some great links to therapies and information that if I would have had access to this information from the start things would have been a whole lot easier.

Thank you for visiting this site, a site about the journey of a remarkable little man, A journey that has just begun.

Dave, Julie, Alfie and William.

Alfie and William – Sept 2010

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