My Big Brother Alfie

This part of the website is all about my big brother Alfie of whom I am very proud of, At the time of a brain injury whether it’s caused at birth or in our case after birth all the attention is focussed on the child who has suffered this tragic incident, and rightly so, however the other children who are also within the family are often overlooked.

This is something that if we could go back in time we would change in a second, nobody even thought including us to begin to understand the stress, pressure and emotional turmoil that could and would descend on a then 3-year-old child, a child who one minute was chasing his brother around the room one minute and then staring at him through a PICU bed a day later.

Things have been really tough on Alfie and  to say this has affected him would be an under statement, however slowly but surely he is beginning to understand and their brotherly bond is slowly coming back, it may never be normal nor ideal but I believe it can be perfect.

The following pages are all about Alfie, about him growing up and how he will overcome this miss fortune, at the time of writing this in June 11 Alfie has started martial arts and we are extremely proud of him, hes graduated to his first belt and last week did a demonstration in the town centre.

Alfie gaining his first belt - White with orange stripe...

I hope one day when Alfie is old enough to understand he will read back on these posts and truly understand that although sometimes he may not feel loved he has always been and will always be the apple of daddy’s eye.

There is always something special and different about your first child and Alfie you are and always will be daddy’s number one.  Daddy x