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We would be really interested to hear from any other parents of special needs children and in particular children with Cerebral Palsy, Although our life is only short into the Journey we have lots of information that we are happy to share with you and point you in the right direction to some of the specialists that have helped our family

To contact us please use one of the following methods.

phone - 07921 517 852

email -

twitter @stonesdave


3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Jo van berckel says:

    CONGRATS on a lovely website. Your son is amazing and you’re clearly very motivated and driven parents.

    My son was injured at Harrogate hospital. He has athetoid quad CP. We won our case back in march (Kit is 3). So I know what a difficult process it is. If you need any advice or just want to be in touch with another family who has gone legal then wevare here.

    Well done again on your great website.

    Jo x

  2. Julie Quanbrough says:

    What a beautiful website. It’s lovely to see your gorgeous pictures. Please add Jack and Charlie as Williams friends.


  3. Hello I’m sorry to hear William’s story.I’m pleased for him that he has good loving parents who are doing their best for him.I’m not quite sure what to write here but one thing we have in common is the “lack of oxygen” affecting the brain.My daughter Jenny was born 22 years ago with lack of oxygen at birth.She was fine inside of me and was supposed to be a normal delivery.However it was a bit of a mess up and I had her by emergency caesarean in the end without her Dad present(there wasn’t time to get him gowned etc)It affected us as new parents a lot and it was a tough time!!She came out fitting and her apgar score was all ’0′s and ’1′s :( She was VERY BAD.She had three lines with sedative drugs and was in an incubator and minimal touching was allowed by the nurses to start then we got to change a nappy once or twice!!Very stressful!! WE were told by the Consultant Paediatrician they honestly didn’t know what the future held for Jenny! I just willed her on on SCBU and later at home (stuck indoors for 4 months,to protect her from “triggers”)I had the odd cry alone wishing to see into the future and yet saddened that I couldn’t just enjoy my first baby!My husband and I fought over things a bit and grieved for our baby that wasn’t as we had expected in different ways!!
    I tried later on to treat her as normal as any other child her age and gradually she proved to everyone that she was going to do most normal things!! If a bit behind!! She did end up talking,walking and playing and attended normal state school!! In fact she achieved 4 good “C” and above GCSEs!! We have been incredibly proud of her :) She is now 22 and is unemployed but has done some jobs we never thought possible years ago! She has had some fitting along the way and her eventual realisation that she had epilepsy did upset her but she has always been a tough cookie :) I wanted to share this to give some hope to William’s parents and anyone else! I was told Jenny may never talk or walk or may be hindered in some way they couldn’t say how exactly.Her co-ordination is poor and her logic isn’t always very good but she can be independent most of the time.We are still learning as parents though and getting the balance right between her and her younger sister of 7 yrs is quite tricky but they too are very close.

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