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This is Williams blog page and its our intention to update this on a regular basis, hopefully this will provide information on the good times and the bad times and will give an understanding of what families of special children go through on a daily basis.

Enjoy !!!

27th June 2011

Had a great re- assesment through Andrew at Snowdrop and I have progressed in all developmental areas, thank you so much Andrew for taking the time to come  and see me as I have been poorly with coughs and colds the last few weeks which has resulted in mummy and daddy not sleeping well :( …..

28th June

Woke up with a COLD again :( Speech and Language coming to see me today, Mummy said although I have a cold I am in a good mood.

1st July

First day of a new month today, William has been very wingey the last few days, hes got a cold but doing really well, not sleeping well though lol… going to go out with daddy for a walk this weekend while mummy watches Alfie doing another demonstration with his Karate class…

4th July

Had a really good day today, went to the park with daddy while Alfie was at Karate, My cold has nearly gone so doing really well, each cold seams to get better quicker so things must be getting better. Really trying hard to make sounds and working really hard on standing at the sofa, had a first sit in my new pushchair, not really impressed, will have another go later in the week. Going out to Doncaster Lakeside with Mummy, Daddy and Alfie today, hopefully we will all have a good day.

Out in the sun in Kings Park

4th August

Its been a really difficult last few weeks with one thing or another, William has been very poorly and had to go into hospital a few times to do with a bad cough and a bad cold and also sickness bug. He is better now though so hopefully we can move forward.

Had a meeting with his nueroligist and he is so impressed with him, he has written letters to all his staff and telling everyone how happy he is of him..

Daddy is really busy planning my Charity night, not long now to go :)

24th August

Great few days with William, he is starting to chit chat with us, so so happy, no actual words as yet but so bloody happy at the minute. x

****** PRESS RELEASE *****

Charity fundraiser to help fund treatment for 2 year old boy

Back in February 2009 the Stones family were celebrating the birth of the latest addition to their family – William. Like all babies, the new arrival was to change the lives of his family forever. And it also began a journey that they never imagined.

At a little over a year old, the normally happy-go-lucky baby developed breathing complications and was taken into hospital. It then became clear that he was seriously ill. He suffered a cardiac arrest and due to a lack of oxygen and blood flow to his brain became very ill and suffered brain injury.

“He was in hospital for six months and lost his ability to do almost everything,” explained dad Dave. “It was unclear whether he could see or hear. He couldn’t feed and relied on a tube through his nose and he had no movement. Nothing.”

“From then we would dive deep into an unknown world: the world of disability and a harsh realisation that the things in life that you thought actually mattered, materialistic things, actually didn’t matter at all.”

Their lives were turned upside down as William underwent a series of therapies before being diagnosed with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. Then things took a turn for the worst and William had to undergo major heart surgery at Leeds General Infirmary.

The surgery went well and William was able to go home with his parents. He is now able to crawl and stand up and his sight has returned, but because of the Cerebral Palsy he still cannot walk or talk.

Only continued rehabilitation will help William improve his communication and movement, but unfortunately the NHS cannot cover all of the costs associated with his treatment.

The Stones family are organising a charity race night to raise awareness of William’s condition and hopefully help fund his continued rehabilitation.

Charity Race Night & Disco

Stanningley Rugby Club

Friday 9th September 2011


Tickets £5 – include a pie and peas supper

For more information on William’s condition and his progress visit:

9th Sept 2011 – Launch of Video

Proud to announce Williams first ever Video, Please click the Youtube Link Below to watch ………..



We are really grateful for all who made the effort and turned out to the charity night in Leeds, it was a really great night and thanks to Leeds Rhinos player Jamie Jones Buchanan for donatimg lots of prizes which raised an additiona £600. A Great night was had by all and a total of £2000 has been deposited to teh Trust account which is a great start to the fundraising.

Shirt Donated by Jamie Jones Buchanan


31st October 2011


We are pleased to announce that there is a second event planned which is being held at Breakers in Worksop, it will be a race night and a kareoke night, The date is the 19th November and the start time is 7pm, There has been a press release in the Worksop Guardian this week to advertise the event and we are really looking forward to the event.

Thanks to Craig at Breakers for hosting the event free of charge


31st October 2011 – Retford Life

Thanks to Leanne at Retford Life, they have published an article on William which appreared in this months Retford Life, See picture below it is advertising Williams Charity event in Worksop on the 19th November

14th April 2012 – SORRY ITS BEEN SO LONG !!!!!

Wow what a six months, feels like longer than that, Im so sorry we have not had many updates actually not many is not the truth NO UPDATES at all for 6 months. life has been really difficult but we have come through the back of a winter and a few hospital visits pretty much unscathed. I will post some recent pics in the pics update and I promise to keep things updated now, theres some new videos that we have added to and will promise to keep updating things.

William was in a Magazine called thats life which was wonderful and we got £1000 for therapy which is amazing, we also have a next charity event planned which is an Abseil day on the 7th July. We will be joined by lots of great friends all raising funds for different worth causes.

Willaim is on his feet most of the time now and its wonderfull to see, still no talking but we still live in hope.

William has also been walking in is walker – check out the following link to see how great he is doing ….William walking x

July 2012 – Recent Update

Well it has been a hectic few months, William has been doing really well and has been ilness free which is amazing, there has been a lot going off and weve done varous fundraisers including agreat event with neil @ Head for adventure were we abseiled down  the Jurys Hotel in Derby and raised about £1500.

With this we have been to the Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy Centre in Luton and had some intensive boot camp style Physio with some great new techniques from Agnes his Polish therapist who was trained at the worls renowed Euro Med Centre in Poland. We are due to go back again in a months time.

William is doing so well and understanding lots more, hes becoming so much more vocal and really loving life at the minute, hes wanting to walk all the time and now he will walk in a fashion if he holds your fingers for balance.

Weve recently qualified for a Blue Badge and alos DLA which is helping out financially too.

Ive added a few pics below for your viewing lol





william and Grandad Beard






WSTF, Patches and Lagans








October 2012  – STOP THE PRESS


On Thursday the 4th october there will be the Launch on an exciting 12 months which will see a friend of ours Ronnie Staton and his Colleagues at Outklass undertake a feit which only a handful of people have ever done, see below a picture of Ronnie and William and the team at outklass – Check back later when all details have been released..WOW!!!!

William October 2012











April 2013 - Recent Update

Hello everyone, it seams so long since we last updated you all, the 200 mile coast to coast challange has taken over all our lives in a positive way and its 3 months now until Ronnie takes the centre stage and sets off on  his 200 mile adventure.

William and Alfie are doing really well, his development is coming on very well too and hes spending more and more time on his feet and practicing walking. He can now walk the length of the room holding onto something which is a massive positive from what we originally told he would be like.

I will post a few pics below which are recnt and please check out his latest Video called Part 2

I hope to see you all soon



William during therapy with CPPC

William Racing Alice at Outklass Fitness




William Trailing a Motorised Chair