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June 2011

Had a super weekend, did my first Martial Arts demonstration… mummy and daddy were really proud of me.. x

My first Demo - Retford Town Hall, June 2011..








27/06/11 – Gone on a School trip, today. My first trip that mummy and daddy has let me go on its the big toddle at the big school, Orchard House School.

01/07/11 – Gosh really busy week at school this week, went on the big toddle dressed as a snake and had lots of fun, got a medal for being a really good boy at school :) only bad thing is ive been really naughty at home this week and daddy wouldnt let me go to Karate :( I have another demonstration this weekend and really excited about that.. been practicing for sports day this last week as well which is next friday the 8th July.. cant wait.. xx

04/07/11 – Went to Captain Jacks for a Karate display, also Mummy, Niany, Kiah, daddy, nanna and William came to watch me, I broke my first board in board braking – was so proud but mummy and daddy missed it :( – Came home with cousin kiah and went in the paddling pool, I splashed her and she cried but I gave her a towel so thats ok. Went to Doncaster with mummy and daddy and william to do some shopping. hoovered up for daddy too… Looking forward to sports day next week… report back soon.. love Alfie x

Alfs new shoes lol


October 2011

I am so glad to be back at school, really enjoying it and this week found out that I am going to be Joseph in the school play, mummy and daddy really proud of me.. im being a little naughty at the minute (daddy wrote that !!!) but I dont mean to be. I had a great Halloween have a look at my pictures below … Alfie xx

April 2012

Well im sorry I have not posted, been really busy, Karate, School and now ive even started football, see me in my kit below… Daddy keeps telling me I am growing up really fast… I am he also says I am being really cheaky too :)

will post soon I promise, Love you all Alfie xxx

July 2012

Alfie is doing really well, he has finished School and will be moving up to the big school in September, Think mummy was more upset than me at leaving. We went away for a few days with William and went swimming with Daddy in the pool, pictures are below.