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  1. Dolly Connor says:

    HI my sons name is william eugene connor. He was born three and a half months early. You are an incredible family. STRONG WILL :-)

  2. Mjay says:

    Hey..just wanted to say you guys have done amazing!! Great strength and a lot of stuff you guys have over come and done amazing doing so!! William is a beautiful kid and so is your oldest son!! I have come to admire your strength and willingness and ability to do whatever you have to do to keep him happy and safe!!

    Take Care & Give him Love
    From Mjay & William!!

  3. Tracy says:

    I have known Julie since being at school, i have always looked on her as my best friend.
    I have so much admiration for the way she has coped with the awful things that has been happening to her and her family.
    I haven’t known David for long but what a strong and supportive person he is. Total respect Dave.
    Alfie, little man, he’s been great at keeping David and Julies spirits strong.
    I really feel for this family and all of us that have a happy healthy family should be thankful.
    I know that Julie and David are thankful that they still have their little boy when things could have been so much worse.
    Love to you all, see you very soon.
    Tracy x

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